Sunday, August 25, 2013

Wants vs Needs

I had so many plans this summer. 
I had so many things that I wanted to accomplish.
But life has a funny way of stomping all over the best plans.

I wanted to finish my English class.
Instead I took my kids to swim lessons.

I wanted to take a break from work.
Instead, I forged new friendships and got rid of toxic relationships.

I wanted to get my LPN.
Instead, I took bike rides with my boys.

I wanted to finish the bathroom remodel.
Instead, I got to spend time with Chris.

I wanted to go on vacation.
Instead, my family played board games.

I wanted to save money.
Instead, I stretched every dollar and made due with things I had.

Most people that have known me in real life for any amount of time know that I live a very goal oriented life. I complete semester after semester of classes because it brings me closer to my goal of finishing college with a degree I can turn into a career. I put my kids in sports because it gives them goals to reach for and they strive to improve every season. Chris and I set goals that we can attain together. Since Ryan was born I have set out to prove that just because I was a "teen mom" didn't mean that I couldn't be a great mom. So I set all of these goals for myself and my family.

As I'm getting older I am learning that sometimes these goals are getting in the way of life. Sometimes it feels like I am waiting to accomplish everything on my to do list so that I can start living life. More than anything this summer made me realize that life is passing me by everyday that i choose not to enjoy it. So I am. I still have goals because obviously that's important but not more important than living in this moment right now. Because we never know what could happen and I want to be able to look back on my life with no regrets and know that I cherished the truly important things. My family.