Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Mambo No.5

I've decided that I need an outlet so I want to start writing again in my little corner of the internet. This last year has been so fraught with pain and hard shit that I am just now starting to work through it all with the help of a therapist.

Now I feel like I have a newfound directions, as slow as my steps might be. So I guess now I can bring all 3 of you up to speed on life and all that jazz.

I'm working full time as a nurse. I'm just starting night shift so that's going to be an adjustment. But so far I'm loving my job and learning new things every day.

Chris and I are in marriage counseling. The last few years have been more difficult than either of us would admit and it all sort of came to a head. But I'm hopeful about the opportunity to find more fulfillment in our relationship. For the first time in a very long time our marriage is a priority. The great news is that we have been reminded why we fell in love. Learning how to meet my husband's needs and how to ask for what I need has definitely been an interesting lesson. But the bottom line is that we are best friends and a lot can be said for our desire to do the hard work.

My boys are just peachy. Growing like weeds and eating every thing in sight. Seriously where does it go? I already told Chris that he will probably need a second job just to pay for groceries when they hit the teenage years.

I have some goals for 2015 that I'm excited about. I turn 29 on the 20th so I really feel that push to mark things off my bucket list and leave my 20s with a bang. I'll share those later.

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